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FAQ Polycom HDX 6000-720, HDX 6000-720V

Серия HDX 6000
HDX 6000-720
HDX 6000-720V

Q: What maximum video resolution is available with the HDX 6000?
A: The HDX 6004 has a maximum video resolution of 720p@30fps.

Q: What call speeds are needed to achieve different video resolutions?
A: CIF — 128kbps | 4CIF 256 kbps — 768 kbps | 720p30 — 832 kbps and higher

Q: How many camera inputs are supported?
A: 2 total (1 HDCI, 1 DVI-I)

Q: How many displays are supported?
A: 1 (HDMI) — Dual Monitor Emulation is also supported on the HDX 6004.

Q: How many microphone arrays are supported?
A: 1 HDX Microphone Array is supported standard. The Optional IP 7000 conference phone can be attached to give additional microphone pickup.

Q: What bundled solutions are available for the HDX 6004?
A: None.

Q: Does People+Content (H.239) support High Definition?
A: The entire HDX Series uses H.239 People+Content. When using a minimum of 2 Mbps bandwidth, both people and content will be in high definition. People+Content IP is included standard with the HDX 6004.

Q: What PC resolutions are supported for H.239 and People+Content?
A: Resolutions up to 1280x1024 are supported. Higher resolutions are supported for local PC input.

Q: Does this product support API commands?
A: No.

Q: Are there packaged solutions available with the HDX 6004?
A: Not currently. However, Polycom continually monitors customer and market needs and there may be solutions in the future.

Q: Is the HDX 6004 capable of being managed by Polycom CMA 4000 & CMA 5000?
A: Yes, the HDX 6004 can be fully managed by CMA.

Q: What are the warranty and software upgrade terms?
A: The HDX 6004 has a one year hardware warranty and the standard Polycom 90 day software warranty. This includes: 90 days of software updates and upgrades and one year of return-to-factory hardware support.

Polycom HDX 6000-720 enhanced service packages are also available at time of purchase. Customers are encouraged to renew or upgrade their service package at the end of the warranty period, if not before.